Frequently Asked Questions

Please read each of these thoroughly before emailing for support. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions (by category):

Site usage
Q: How do I post a listing?
A: First, find your city using either the search tool at the main page, or by clicking on the quick-link. Be sure to type in both your city and province/state. Be specific for the city, not just using your metro area. Once you see the map for your area, click on the "Add New Listing" tab at the top right-hand side of the map. Follow the direction you find here. The starred items are necessary, your phone number is not. You can add it if you choose to, but it will be shown in your listing. You can revisit your listing to edit it anytime you like, using the "edit" tab beside the "add new listing" tab.

Q: Can you match me with a garden / gardener?
A: Sharing Backyards does not specifically match people with space. We provide an easy way for you to search for what you need within your community, whether it be land to garden or some help with your land. Post a clear listing detailing your needs, and be sure to browse the other listings within your area to see if anyone's offering what you're looking for.

Security and Safety:
Q: Will my street address or email address show up in the listings?
A: No, your street address will not show up in the listings, only your street. The map will show what block you live on, but no more specific than that.

Q: Will my email address show up in the listings? I'm concerned for my privacy.
A: No, your email will not be visible on the website. Interested parties will be able to contact you through a message box that works internally through our site, which will forward the messages to the email address you've entered. Only the webmaster will be able to see your actual email as long as you don't put it in the body of your posting ( Anything in the body of your posting will be visible for all to see). The webmaster may contact you with information you've requested or to make comments on your posting.

Q: How do I know who to let use my garden?
A: We suggest treating your yard sharing arrangement the same way you would if you were looking for roommates -- ask some questions, be prepared to answer some questions, and, if satisfied, arrange a time and place to meet to discuss details or interview your prospective garden-pal. You could meet in a location away from your home, such as a coffee shop or community centre if you'd like to meet them before bringing them to your home.

Q: Do you have a contract form that can be used as a legal document between garden sharers?
A:We're working on a form that could be downloaded from the website, however, to make it a proper legal document we'll need the services of our lawyer, and for that we'll need funding. We have a few grant applications pending, and are actively seeking Sponsors and Advertisers for each local program that will help pay for our administrative fees.

Q: Do it cost anything to use the Sharing Backyards program? Are there any hidden costs?
A: Use of SBY is 100% free to all users.

Q: If the program is free, how do you pay for your operating expenses?
A: Good question :) We are currently seeking Sponsors for each of our local programs. For more information on this, please visit

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