Considerations for Sharing your Backyard Garden

There are no restrictions on how you might choose to share your space - however there are a number of issues that you might want to consider when making arrangements to share your gardening space with another member of your community.

For starters, you should treat making your first arrangements with your prospective yard-sharing partner the same way you'd look for a tenant or a roommate. First speak to them over the phone -- do they sound like people you'd like to meet? Then meet for the first time in a public place, like a coffee shop or public library. You might want to bring a friend along.

If you decide this person is someone you'd like to share your yard space with, you can review the following considerations with them. Be thorough and creative! Think of other aspects you can discuss as well.

Time Considerations

  • How many hours per week will the garden space be available?
  • On which days of the week?
  • What time(s) of the day?

Tool Considerations

  • Do you have tools to share?
  • Where will they be stored?

Soil Considerations

  • Is there enough soil?
  • Who will pay for soil amendments?
  • What types of amendments or additives are acceptable?

Seeds / Transplants

  • Who will provide the seeds and/or transplants?
  • How will decisions be made about what is grown?

Water Considerations

  • Can the gardener use the hose and water?
  • Who does the watering?
  • When?

Harvest Considerations

  • Who will harvest the food?
  • How will the harvest be distributed?

Privacy and Security Considerations

  • Who can enter the garden? (children, partners, friends, pets)
  • What space can be used? (shed, basement, bathroom)
  • What about locks and gates?
  • Emergency contact numbers?

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